What is
Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy?

There are many orientations or styles of psychtherapy, and it's best to choose one that makes sense to you.
Some orientations look at the influence of early childhood and family experiences, while others look at the thoughts we think and if they're good for us or not. Some are solution focused, others hope to increase moments of insight.

This is a great little "theoretical orientation" quiz, which will help you identify what you believe about humans and how they're wounded & heal:

KAP clinicians tend to be eclectic, meaning we use a little bit from lots  of orientations - whatever is best for our clients.

That said, we're all grounded and rooted in the Existential-Humanistic orientation which  "encourages clients to take ownership of their choices and actions. This process involves recognizing one’s freedom to choose, accepting the consequences of one’s choices, and taking responsibility for one’s life"  (Kayne Hodge, Mentalhealthcenter.org).   

Here's a great article describing our orientation - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-existential-station/202310/what-do-we-experience-when-our-therapist-is-fully-present

We know how many people, places and things pull you away from your authentic self, and we know that your authentic self holds the answers for your self-actualization, peace and freedom.

We've got a lot of tools to help you find your way and would love to walk beside you on what we believe is the most important journey of all - the journey home to yourself.