Caitlin Reid - MA, TLLP

About Me:

I view therapy as a journey, one in which the patient is courageously asking me to join them.  I conceptualize  therapy as a road trip where the patient is in the driver seat and I am in the passenger seat. The patient is in complete control of where we go, how fast or slow we get there, whether or not we take the scenic route,  or if we need to turn around and find another way.  I may point out different routes, fascinating attractions, and curiously wonder about the places we are avoiding, even the dark and scary road we may drive past.  While my theoretical orientation is trauma informed, humanistic, relational and multicultural, I will pull tools and examples from: CBT, DBT, ACT, Behavioral, Somatic, Attachment, Gestalt and Psychodynamic modalities/theories.  I find being able to pull from multiple areas helps my patients be able to find their authentic self.

Areas of Specialty

I can be reached at:
(248) 702-4946